NATOUR takes advantage of the idea of ​​offering a vacation intended as "an escape from everyday routine", as opposed to mass tourism, to be experienced in "slowness", consistent with the lifestyle in Sicily. A concept of tourist offer linked more to safeguarding the environment in which one walks, the culture and traditions of the man who lives in contexts less known and less visited by conventional tourism, and, above all, to make a contribution to the small economies of these contexts. This concept of a tourism offer that perfectly reflects that of Slow Tourism and Sustainable and Responsible Tourism is also associated with the desire to involve the tourist during a trip, in a series of unforgettable activities with a strong personal impact: activities that affect the senses and create connections on a physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual level. The primary purpose is what during this experience, the tourist interacts with the environment, the people, the history and the traditions of the place they visit. "Thus the traveler will not be content to remember his journey simply by taking pictures, but he will want authentic experiences that can share and tell others". 

This new concept of Experiential Tourism can be realized through these examples of activities offered in our travel offers: 

Naturalistic Tourism, immersing yourself in the multiple sensations offered by nature; 

Urban Trekking, with walks in the historic centers, with the visit of their markets and their neighborhoods rich in history and tradition; 

Enogastronomic Tourism, with which the tourist will participate in the preparation of the various local dishes or with the knowledge and tasting of typical local products (wine, cheeses, desserts, olive oil, etc.). 

An Integrated Tourism offer, with which tourists can learn about all the facets of the territory visited on a daily basis.